Step by step instructions


1.  Please select your eurolaser system that you would like to use for the engraving.

2.  Please indicate the size of your engraving area
and enter the X and Y lengths (see picture below).
Tip: Y value should be higher than X to speed up the engraving time.
3.  Please select the resolution for your engraving in dpi.


4.  In the yellow field below your entries you find the estimated engraving time.
Estimated engraving time (hh:mm:ss)


5.  The calculated optimum speed is 593 mm/s.
To optimise the engraving time for the given values, please enter this parameter in your "Raster Speed" settings of your LaserScout software.

6.  For the specified engraving size you need at least 33 mm space (D) in Y direction for acceleration and deceleration. Please consider this value when placing your workpiece.


Please note:
This is a theoretical calculation of the engraving time of a rectangular geometry. The actual time for other shapes is less because lines without black / grey pixels are completely skipped and the system runs faster.